Faked Fondness

We swipe right then proceed to act like dikes,

I call you the prototype knowing well I ain’t you’re type

We play the same game in order for attention to be obtained

Act as if feelings quickly change when the only thing known is each other’s name

Offer to meet with the bill on me, something as simple as coffee in a public entity but Dateline NBC must be reality

Chris Hanson doing damage, Chris Farley in his van holding women for ransom.

No need to watch one’s back as we insult those who can’t react

Anytime wanting to link it’s a no go, hide behind photos with imagined emotion

We perceive the display screen a thousand words, sentences quickly adjourned at the first negative thing one learns.

Advertise enjoying to party then disappointed when the other inhales Marley,

Binge drink to think everyone wants you only to disapprove of the next dude potentially willing to spare an arm and leg for you

Knock down the disloyal only to continue enjoying other options, holding fabricated morals.

Literally needing a lifeline as if one’s running out of time get the short end of the stick as she doesn’t want the long end of it

Love or lust never enough, being one step above being labeled junk but not higher than one punk you knew years ago that’s a drunk

Drugged out zombie entertained by a two inch screen, maybe the glowing from it is making him mean, maybe it’s time to quit life, finally live with all feelings inside. Bottled up as no one gives a fuck.



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